The Lockout Ends! 10 Worst NFL Referee Calls of 2012

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The Lockout Ends! 10 Worst NFL Referee Calls of 2012

The lockout has ended, but not before there were some miserable calls made this season. We're counting down the worst of 2012—and hoping that the bad flags stop here.

7. Referee tosses hat into end zone, causing player to slip and miss touchdown

Not many fans know this little factoid, but a referee is allowed to throw his hat onto the field to mark a spot for a play, when another device (such as his trusty yellow flag) has already been deployed. It’s commonly done when a player runs out of bounds, and the official wants to mark the exit point on the field. It is important, however, not to throw said hat in the direction of a running, totally unbeknownst player, ESPECIALLY when said player has a chance to score a touchdown like Kevin Ogletree on this play. There is a chance the ref was just too sexy for his hat. Too sexy for his hat, what ya think about that?


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