The NFL Draft is a weekend long binge-out that outlasts even the best-prepared football fans. This year’s first round lasted over six hours, a new record. It takes a certain kind of dedication to make it through the second day, when the excitement has dwindled to a barely-audible peep. But lucky for you, that’s where we come in. Your favorite team reloaded with prospects from around the country, and we’ve waded through the potential busts and can’t-miss picks so you don’t have to. Behold: the MF-approved NFL Draft recap.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills
The Bills managed to replace ex-RB Willis McGahee by drafting Cal RB Marshawn Lynch, and they drastically improve their linebacker core with Penn State LB Paul Posluszny, who reminds me of Dolphins middle linebacker Zach Thomas. They’ve also added Stanford QB Trent Edwards, who may prove to be the steal of the draft. Even after a not-so-terrible 7-9 season, patience may be wearing thin with current-QB J.P. Losman.

Miami Dolphins
Most were shocked when Miami passed on Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn with the 9th pick, but Ohio State WR Ted Ginn Jr, their first round selection, may not be as terrible as some are already predicting. Ginn could stretch the field and provide a deep threat. However, nothing about Ginn makes people think #1 receiver, and they have to replace WR Wes Welker as well. Quinn would probably have been a smarter (and more popular) pick.

New England Patriots
The classically good-guy Patriots add the ultimate malcontent, Randy Moss, next year. From a football standpoint, it’s an absolute steal: getting Moss for a 4th round pick would be a coup for most teams. If, at the very least, Moss can garner some attention from the opposing defenses, QB Tom Brady will have plenty of time to get the ball to new Pats wideouts Donte’ Stallworth and Wes Welker. It’ll be trendy to say Moss won’t work out because of his famous attitude problem, but his bandwagon should be full around November when Moss catches his 10th TD of the season.

New York Jets
After making a deal to move up in the first round, many might have thought the Jets had targeted QB Brady Quinn, whom they could have selected with the 14th pick. Instead, they chose Pittsburgh’s Darrelle Revis, the best cornerback in the draft. Revis may provide some spark for last year’s effective, albeit no name, secondary. He’s a hair under 6 feet tall and a touch more than 200 lbs, so he may be asked to stay with some top-flight receivers. Going defense is a good move for the Jets: they’ve already added former Chicago Bears RB Thomas Jones this off-season.