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NFL Draft 2007

AFC South

Houston Texans
Houston drafted a teenager with their first pick. That’s not a punch line to a Texans joke, it’s a reality for their fans. Louiseville DT Amobi Okoye, who’s 19, is nonetheless a solid pick for a team who’s picking lower than they would have if they hadn’t traded for former Falcons backup QB Matt Schaub this off-season. They also added former Packer-RB Ahman Green, who may or may not have lost a step or two, but all the Texans can do is improve. Green’s experience will help their young QB get his footing next year, even if he isn’t as productive as he was in Green Bay.

Indianapolis Colts
The Colts just keep plugging in weapons. They grabbed Ohio State WR Anthony Gonzalez and are tabbing him as their new slot receiver, which makes sense. Gonzalez was productive and reliable at Ohio State, and QB Peyton Manning has a way of making every guy on his team better. Gonzalez joins Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison, (who somehow, hasn’t aged a day in 10 years), as a part of, arguably, the best offense in the league.

Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jags drafted Florida safety Reggie Nelson, and he should immediately help them defend the Colts receiving core. They also picked up OLD Justin Durant out of D1-AA Hampton. You’ve got to root for guys who make the NFL from small schools – perhaps the most famous is Jerry Rice, who went to school at Mississippi Valley State.

Tennesee Titans
The Titans are going to struggle without CB Adam “Pacman” Jones, who was probably more of a distraction than he was worth, but you can’t argue with his productivity on the field. He intercepted four balls, returned kicks, and scored one TD. They snatched Texas safety Michael Griffin to try and compensate for losing him to a behavior-related suspension.


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