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NFL Draft 2007

AFC West

Denver Broncos
Offensive linemen seem to over-perform on Bronco teams, mainly because of their cut-blocking scheme. While many were paying attention to DE Jarvis Moss, who’s gigantic (6’6”, 250lbs), many missed Notre Dame OT Ryan Harris going in the 3rd round. You may remember him from MTV’s True Life: I Want the Perfect Body, where the country watched him prepare to attend Notre Dame as a lineman prospect after graduating high school. After years of guarding Brady Quinn, Harris may develop into a solid pro in a system that makes bank on churning out RBs: The off-season addition of Travis Henry should prove big.

Kansas City Chiefs
LSU WR Dwayne Bowe might be the sleeper of the draft. He’s essentially a tight end in a receiver’s body, which means that pairing him with TE Tony Gonzalez should broaden the Chiefs one-dimensional offense, which is currently based on RB Larry Johnson. Whoever plays QB next year should benefit from the tandem of Bowe and Gonzalez  - the Chiefs receiving core has been lackluster for the past few seasons.

Oakland Raiders
We may look back on the Raiders draft as they greatest in history one day. Not only did they divorce Randy Moss, they made the right pick at #1 overall going with the freak-of-nature LSU QB JaMarcus Russell – at 6’5”, 260lbs, he could be playing defensive line somewhere if he didn’t have such a cannon for an arm. But the pick to watch for is Louisville RB Michael Bush. Before Bush broke his leg last year, he was a can’t-miss pro prospect and a top-notch Hesiman candidate. Teams were scared off by the injury, but if he rehabs hard, the combination of Bush and Russell may be truly deadly one day.

San Diego Chargers
After winning 14 games (and then bowing out to the Pats in the playoffs), the Chargers fired their coach. Fair enough. They look to give young QB Philip Rivers another weapon with a big wide receiver out of LSU, Craig Davis. At 6’2”, and nearly 210 lbs, he’s already being tabbed a sleeper by some experts.


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