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NFL Draft 2007

NFC North

Chicago Bears
The Bears had to be thrilled that Miami TE Greg Olsen slipped all the way down to the last pick of the first round. He’ll provide a much-needed safety outlet for Rex Grossman (or his eventual successor). By grabbing RB Garrett Wolfe in the 3rd round, they’re not deluding themselves into thinking they found Thomas Jones’ replacement (Cedric Benson is going to have to be that), but he is a speedster who could provide Benson with a blow or two during the season: Wolfe had over 2,000 yards rushing and 19TDs last year for Northern Illinois.

Detroit Lions
Many thought there was no way Detroit would take a WR with their #2 pick because they’ve failed so famously in drafting wide receivers in the past. But they went with the best pure athlete in the draft, Georgia Tech WR Calvin Johnson. His freaky combination of size and speed as well as his work ethic will give defensive coordinators nightmares. He’ll compliment wideouts Mark Furrey and Roy Williams well. Michigan State QB Drew Stanton could develop into the long-term solution behind Jon Kitna with a little luck. The Lions will start camp with an absolutely phenomenal receiving core, and should score a ton of points next year, even if that doesn’t translate into wins right away.

Green Bay Packers
After losing Ahman Green to the Houston Texans, the Pack picked up RB Brandon Jackson from Nebraska, who may work out for them. Something’s going to have to, because Brett Favre is going to have to retire eventually, right? It’s not often that kickers get much publicity on draft day, but Colorado’s Mason Crosby is no normal kicker – supposedly he’s got silly range, and the Pack snatched him up in the 6th round.

Minnesota Vikings
The Vikes had their choice of weapons with the #7 pick, and they went for Oklahoma RB Adrian Peterson, who’ll team up with Chester Taylor to form a solid one-two punch in the backfield. This was sort of an odd pick. Taylor played OK last year, but they lost experienced QB Brad Johnson and somehow felt fine with unproven QB Tarvaris Jackson. Look for Peterson to be groomed into a star back in the next few years, but there’s a wait and see approach with Jackson, which may frustrate Viking fans.


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