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"Oh S#@t" Super Bowl Plays of the Millennium (So Far)

In anticipation of Sunday’s potential classic, here are eight bona fide highlights.

Best Clutch Kick (aka, the Anti-Norwood)

Adam Vinatieri 48-yard game-winning FG (New England Patriots v. St. Louis Rams, Super Bowl XXXVI)

There's nothing worse than being the goat placekicker on a Super Bowl squad; just ask Scott Norwood, who infamously missed a 47-yard field goal, “wide right,” which would have given the Buffalo Bills their first Super Bowl title. (The team went one to lose four straight Super Bowls. Yikes.) Or, ask Ray Finkle of the fictional Miami Dolphins, who missed a game-winner in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (laces out!). Lucky for Vinatieri, his reliable right foot has come through on countless occasions, preventing a life of seclusion (or transsexuality). His most shining moment, perhaps, came in the waning seconds of Super Bowl XXXVI, when he nailed a 47-yarder to give New England its first Super Bowl victory (followed by an impromptu snow angel in the end zone).


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