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"Oh S#@t" Super Bowl Plays of the Millennium (So Far)

In anticipation of Sunday’s potential classic, here are eight bona fide highlights.

Best Play in a Losing Effort

Kevin Dyson falls an inch short (St. Louis Rams vs. Tennessee Titans, Super Bowl XXXIV)

Back in 2000, when most Americans had to watch the Big Game in standard definition (gross), a former grocery bagger from Iowa named Kurt Warner took the nation by storm, winning league MVP and leading the Rams to a Super Bowl. Warner powered the “Greatest Show on Turf” to a 23-16 lead going into the final drive of the fourth quarter, allowing the Titans one final scoring opportunity to push the game into overtime. With six seconds left and 10 yards from pay dirt, Titans quarterback Steve McNair found Kevin Dyson for a short pass. Dyson, however, was quickly wrapped up by Rams linebacker Mike Jones, and as the two men hit the turf, Dyson extended the football out towards the goal line—only to fall mere inches short of crossing the plane.


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