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"Oh S#@t" Super Bowl Plays of the Millennium (So Far)

In anticipation of Sunday’s potential classic, here are eight bona fide highlights.

Best All-For-Naught Play

Larry Fitzgerald's 64-yard TD (Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals, Super Bowl XLIII)

When the Arizona Cardinals made their first Super Bowl in 2009, it was pretty evident that #11, their All-Pro wide receiver, would have to make some big plays. After scoring his first touchdown earlier in the fourth quarter, Larry Fitzgerald’s number was called again with the Cards down 20-16 and 2:49 left on the clock. On just the second play of the drive, Fitzgerald turned a simple post route into a 64-yard burst into the end zone. The touchdown put Arizona up 23-20, and would have been enshrined in Super Bowl championship lore, if it wasn’t for the next play on this list…


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