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Q&A with San Fran 49ers Aldon Smith: Life of an NFC Champ

The 49ers outside linebacker and sack machine talks defense, training and how it feels to reach the Super Bowl at the tender age of 23.

When Pro Football Hall of Famer Reggie White recorded 31 sacks during his first two seasons in 1985-86 -- it was super-human. It had never been done before. The record seemed unbreakable.

And then there was Aldon Smith...

The Mizzou standout was drafted in 2011 by the 49ers and came crashing onto the scene. Smith racked up 31.5 sacks in first two years and became the fastest ever to reach 30 (breaking another one of White’s records). All these feats eventually lead to a Super Bowl appearance this past season at the age of 23. But how did he do it? recently sat down with Mr. Smith to talk training, records and his trip to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

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Men’s Fitness: First off, congrats on the Super Bowl. What was it like reaching that goal at such a young age? How did you guys remain focused during the blackout?
Aldon Smith: It was an amazing experience. New Orleans is such a fun city with great fans and festivities. And getting there that young was ever sweeter. Funny thing is, we’d actually been through the blackout experience before during a game against the Steelers in 2011. We just stayed loose on the sidelines and kept focused on the game at-hand.

MF: What's your in-season cardio and lifting program like? 
AS: At the gym, I usually just lift. I try and do squats about three times per week and perform upper-body exercises four times. As a linebacker, strength is really one of the most important qualities. I get in most of my cardio during practice and field drills.

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