MF: How do your fitness routine and eating habits change in the offseason?
AS: It doesn’t change all too much. I usually try to remain focused and prepare for the following year. Although, I will cut down on some of the lifting and mix in more cardio. As far as my diet, I bulk up with high-protein meals and drinks lots of water and Gatorade. And don’t tell anybody, but I might splurge every now and again with some Chick-fil-A.

MF: Was there ever a time when you had to overcome a certain on-field obstacle?
AS: Yeah, definitely. I broke my fibula during my sophomore year at Mizzou and missed three weeks that season. People thought I would be out longer, but I rehabbed hard and wanted to prove to my teammates, coaches and university that I could beat the injury. It was awesome that I only missed a few games and was able to get back out on the field.

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MF: What was it like beating out Reggie White for fastest player to reach 30 sacks and being named the NFL 101 Defensive Player of the Year?
AS: Both accomplishments were unbelievable. It was really just a proud moment to surpass a Hall of Famer like Reggie White. This game is so competitive and to do something like that in my first two seasons was pretty cool. White has always been a guy I’ve respected and a player that has meant so much to the game.