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Super Bowl Bests and Worsts from the Very Beginning

From the top game-winning touchdown to the least clutch kicker, we take a look back at Super Bowl history to dole out best/worst awards across 20 categories.

From game-winning drives to wardrobe malfunctions at halftime, no Super Bowl has left us without soemthing to talk about the next day. And with Super Bowl XLVIII upon us, now's the perfect time to recap the past. Don't worry--no textbook history lesson here, just a best-of guide that'll go down easy. 

1. The Best Super Bowl QB: Joe Montana

Super Bowl greatness is synonymous with this four-time champion and three-time Super Bowl MVP (a record, by the way). Runner-up goes to four-time winner and two-time MVP Terry Bradshaw.

2. The Worst Super Bowl QB: Jim Kelly

Despite proving his worth in countless regular seasons and AFC playoff runs, Kelly goes down in Super Bowl infamy for losing four straight Super Bowls (1991-94) at the helm of the hapless Buffalo Bills.

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3. The Best Super Bowl: Super Bowl XLII (Giants 17, Patriots 14)

Coming in with a flawless 18-0 record, the Patriots looked to finish their historic run with a win over the Giants, a team most fans thought was lucky just to be there. But then Eli Manning–yes, Peyton’s little brother–somehow kicks Brady to the curb and steals the prize.

4. The Worst Super Bowl: Super Bowl XXIV (49ers 55, Broncos 10)

A great match-up of Hall of Fame quarterbacks (Joe Montana and John Elway) doesn’t end in drama. The 49ers mop the floor with the feckless Broncos.



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