5. The Most Clutch Super Bowl Kicker: Adam Vinatieri, Patriots

Vinatieri won two Super Bowls with field goals at the last second–a 48-yarder in Super Bowl XXXVI to beat the Rams, 20-17, and a 41-yarder to beat the Panthers two years later, 32-29. He’s the man you want on the field in the most high pressure situation imaginable.

6. The Least Clutch Super Bowl Kicker: Scott Norwood, Bills

The first of Jim Kelly’s aforementioned Super Bowl defeats (XXV) was the only close one, ending in a 20-19 Giants victory after Bills kicker Scott Norwood missed a potential game-winning 47-yarder in the final seconds. Norwood also lives in Bills infamy.

7. The Best Pick-Six: Super Bowl XLIV, Saints vs. Colts

The Saints lead by a touchdown, but Peyton Manning is gunning for the New Orleans end zone in the last few minutes. Cornerback Tracy Porter saves the day for the Saints by picking off an uncharacteristically bad pass from Manning and takes it to the house.

8. The Most Clutch Super Bowl Tackle: Super Bowl XXXIV, Rams vs. Titans

Linebacker Mike Jones somehow manages to rip down the cutting Kevin Dyson just before he can reach the goal line, sealing up the win for St. Louis.

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