9. Best Play That Didn’t End Up Mattering: Super Bowl XLIII, Steelers vs. Cardinals

Larry Fitzgerald, one of the best receivers to play the game, crosses over the middle, catches a pass from Kurt Warner on the run and busts up-field for a 64-yard touchdown. The score puts his team ahead by three, but there’s just too much time left…

10. The Best “Get Two Feet Down and Go Limp” Catch: Super Bowl XLIII, Steelers vs. Cardinals 

After Fitzgerald’s TD, Holmes makes one of the most miraculous catches in Super Bowl history in the corner of the end zone with just 35 seconds left. The Steelers win, 27-23.

11. The Best “What the F***” Catch: Super Bowl XLII, Giants vs. Patriots

The Tyree Catch–by far the most ridiculous play in NFL history. This is not debatable. It gets the Giants a first down and sets up the game-winning touchdown, which will be scored with under a minute to play.

12. The Best Guarantee: Super Bowl III, Jets vs. Colts

The swagger of Joe Namath and the upstart AFL wins out against the Baltimore Colts, as Namath’s “guarantee” of a victory rings true. Jets win, 16-7.

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