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Super Bowl Bests and Worsts from the Very Beginning

From the top game-winning touchdown to the least clutch kicker, we take a look back at Super Bowl history to dole out best/worst awards across 20 categories.

17. Worst Game-Winning Touchdown: Super Bowl XLVI, Giants vs. Patriots

In the second Eli-Brady Bowl, Giants back Ahmad Bradshaw barrels up the middle only to realize the Pats’ defense is letting him through so their offense can have more time for a comeback. Bradshaw puts on the brakes too late and reluctantly scores the Super Bowl-winning touchdown.

18. Best Game-Winning Joe Montana Drive: Super Bowl XXIII, 49ers vs. Bengals

Montana’s cool under pressure was never greater than during this drive, in which he took over the ball with just over three minutes to play and led San Francisco to a 92-yard touchdown drive to win the game, 20-16.

19. Best Kickoff Return for a Touchdown: Super Bowl XLVII, Ravens vs. 49ers

Taking it from the back of the end zone, Jacoby Jones brings the Niners’ kick all the way back to the rack to start the second half. It seems like a blowout at the time, but San Francisco’s post-power outage comeback makes this return completely necessary.

20. Most Dominant Defensive Performance: Super Bowl XXXV, Ravens vs. Giants

Ray Lewis earned a rare Super Bowl MVP Award on the defensive side of the ball in Super Bowl XXXV, as the Ravens shut down Kerry Collins and the Giants all night, winning the game by a score of 34-7.

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