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Workout Advice From Clay Matthews: How to Be a Better Athlete

This Green Bay Packers linebacker knows his way around the gridiron—just ask any of the quarterbacks he’s left winded in his wake—but he also has his mental game dialed in better than most pro athletes. Here are his best tips for the most common pitfalls


 Reverse Bosu Single-leg Squat (8 reps per leg)

● Cybex Arc Interval (sustain for 1 min 30 seconds)

● Leg Press (3 sets of: 10, 6, and 4 reps)

● Body weight Step-up/ Reverse Lunge Combo (reps per leg)

● 1-leg Med-ball Slam (reps per leg)

● Med-ball Lateral Wall Throw (15 reps per side)

● Split Squat 1-arm Press (8 reps per arm)

● Split Squat 1-arm Row (8 reps per arm)

● Barbell Bench Press (3 sets of: 10, 6, and 4 reps)

● Wall Lower-trap Activation (20 reps)

Dumbbell T-pushup (15 reps per side)

1-leg DB Press — Lateral/Front/Arnold (6 reps per side)

Machine 1-arm Row (8 reps per side)

Reverse Lunge into Single-leg Balance (8 reps per side)

Foam Roll — Lower body (for 2:00 mins)

Foam Roll — Upper body (for 2:00 mins)

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