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Workout Advice From Clay Matthews: How to Be a Better Athlete

This Green Bay Packers linebacker knows his way around the gridiron—just ask any of the quarterbacks he’s left winded in his wake—but he also has his mental game dialed in better than most pro athletes. Here are his best tips for the most common pitfalls


1. Powerup Mouth Gear
By optimally positioning the jaw, this mouth guard has been proven to increase explosiveness, upper- and lower-body output, and endurance. ($100;

2. Power Balance Evolution
The second generation of the Power Balance wristband has perforated air holes and a wider band to increase comfort and breathability. ($30;

3. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor
A 25%-larger Lubrastrip, thinner-edged blades, and Fusion ProGlide’s low-resistance blade coating create a smoother shave, even against the grain. ($11;



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