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The Best Golf Shots of All Time

Celebrating (with video!) the 27 greatest, toughest, most unbelievably clutch shots in history.
The Best Golf Shots of All Time

It’s that time of year again. The fresh cut grass. Amen Corner. The green jacket. The PGA Tour is descending on Augusta National for the Masters, the first major championship of the season, and as always, this year has the chance to be an exciting one, with a crop of talented golfers going after the title. 

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But every year—both at Augusta and throughout the professional game—some shots manage to stand out. Golf is always greatest when competitors are forced to rise to the occasion, beat the odds, and prove they belong among the true champions of the game.

Here’s a look at 27 of those moments.

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The Golden Bear on the 16th hole with a 40-foot putt:

Tiger's shot seems to balance on hole at the 16th green before going in:

Bubba's hook shot far away from hole beautifully sets up his putt:


Mickelson's 200-yard shot from behind pine tree gets within feet of the hole:

Nicklaus' shot on the 16th hole is almost an ace. But hey, a birdie is never bad:

Oosthuizen's double eagle shot makes its long roll to the hole:

Mize, from 140 feet:

Schmitz hits a par-4 ace that got him a place in the Masters (video of his reaction to the hole in one):

Nicklaus still has it, even in 2015:

Arguably one of the best shots of all time: Tiger's ‘point at the hole’ putt:

On the 10th green from a tee shot, McIlroy's ball nearly makes it to the hole:

Tiger Woods' shot on the 18th hole set up the winning putt:

Nicklaus uses an iron on the 17th hole...and hits the flag:

That feeling when you hit a 49-foot shot on the 16th hole:

Ballesteros made this shot from the damn parking lot:


This one took 26 seconds. Think about that: 26 seconds.

Round 3. 13th hole. Tiger from 65 feet:

Tiger managed to force a playoff with this putt on the 72nd hole, and he did it with fractured leg:

This shot from Aoki at the Hawaiian Open takes a 130-yard bounce into the hole:

Phelps hits a 159-foot putt:

Go ahead, try this one at home.

Spieth's 44-foot shot goes off the flag:

Tom Watson's chip shot hits the flag:

Bob Tway, from the bunker:

Jiménez goes off the wall:

Tiger. Ace.

Tiger can see through the forest and the trees:


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