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Drive the Ball Longer With Our Golf Workout Routine

The 2015 Masters Golf Tournament is kicking off today, Thursday, April 9 in Augusta, Georgia. As golfers like Tiger Woods—who recently announced he’ll be attending this year—are gearing up for the event, we’ve prepared our golf training routine to help improve your swing and drive the ball a deeper distance. 

The workout engages plenty of rotational exercises. Twisting your torso while maintaining your balance is tough for most guys—especially lifters. That weakness costs them strength and power in the weight room (and on the golf course). This workout will also correct posture issues.

Frequency: 3x a week (after your regular weight training or on days in between)

Time Needed: 15 minutes

Directions: Perform the exercise pairs (marked “a” and “b”) as alternating sets. So you’ll do one set of “a”, rest, then one set of “b”, rest, and repeat for all the prescribed sets. Switch the order of the exercises each time you repeat the workout, but keep the pairings. Switch the rep ranges too, alternating between 12-15 and 15-20 reps. Rest 30-90 seconds between exercises, depending on how you sequence them (you’ll find that more difficult moves done back-to back will require more rest).

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