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Tiger's Coach Talks Philosophy and Fear

Golf coach Sean Foley is the sport's most progressive thinker.

What's more important: the drive or the short game?

When it gets to the PGA Tour level, ball striking trumps putting, big time. Look at the NFL. The guys in the NFL have the best hands, but I’ve seen a lot of guys in the CFL who are unbelievable wide receivers; the fact of the matter is, they just were never ever going to beat out a defensive back running a 4.3 40-yard dash. So, with ball striking, you start seeing elements of uniqueness of speed and power and leverage. If you take some of the top 10 putters in the world, statistically they’re ranked around 62nd in the world overall.

What can a golfer at any level do right away to improve his ball striking?

Increase power. Power is a function of being able to have the pelvic area go from flexion into extension. I watch a lot of young golfers in the gym training like bodybuilders. Like with every other sport, golf has gone in the direction [of strength]. There aren’t many short hitters coming out anymore. They all look like they could’ve either decided to play quarterback or golf.

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