10 Gold-Medal Knockout Kings: USA's Boxing Legacy

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10 Gold-Medal Knockout Kings: USA's Boxing Legacy

It this weekend's medal failure is any indication, we no longer rule the ring. USA Boxing hasn't won a heavyweight gold since '88—and nothing at all in this year's Olympic Games. But forget the present. Here are the top 10 boxing superheroes from our

Floyd Patterson, Middleweight, 55-8-1

Gold Medal – 1952 Olympics, Helsinki, Finland

Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight Champion

Patterson is given credit for a quote that nearly every coach in every sport has regurgitated to his players after a tough loss. While they often take creative license for their own purposes, here it is: “They said I was the fighter who got knocked down the most, but I also got up the most.” When he wasn’t doling out wisdom about never giving up, he was one hell of a fighter, winning the heavyweight title at only 21 years old.


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