10 Gold-Medal Knockout Kings: USA's Boxing Legacy

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10 Gold-Medal Knockout Kings: USA's Boxing Legacy

It this weekend's medal failure is any indication, we no longer rule the ring. USA Boxing hasn't won a heavyweight gold since '88—and nothing at all in this year's Olympic Games. But forget the present. Here are the top 10 boxing superheroes from our

"Smokin'" Joe Frazier, Heavyweight, 32-4-1

Gold Medal - 1964 Olympics, Tokyo, Japan

Heavyweight Champion

Joe Frazier is the slightly less famous half of the greatest heavyweight boxing rivalry ever (Ali is the other half, for the non-boxing initiated). The Thrilla in Manila. The Fight of the Century. These are just a few of the famous bouts Frazier was involved in. On the back-end of his career he lost twice to Ali and twice to George Foreman, but prior to that, he was, without question, one of the toughest fighters in the history of the heavyweight division, racking up 29 straight wins before his first defeat.


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