10 Gold-Medal Knockout Kings: USA's Boxing Legacy

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10 Gold-Medal Knockout Kings: USA's Boxing Legacy

It this weekend's medal failure is any indication, we no longer rule the ring. USA Boxing hasn't won a heavyweight gold since '88—and nothing at all in this year's Olympic Games. But forget the present. Here are the top 10 boxing superheroes from our

George Foreman, Heavyweight, 76-5

Gold Medal - 1968 Olympics, Mexico City, Mexico

Heavyweight Champion

Insert George Foreman Grill joke here. Insert joke about all his sons being named George here. At this point in his celebrity career, it's almost too easy to take pot shots at the once dominant heavyweight champion. However, prior to his career as the king of the fat-reducing grill, Foreman may have been the hardest punching heavyweight of all time, recording 68 knockouts over a pro career that spanned nearly three decades.


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