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So You Wanna Stay a Fighter?

Six easy tips to keep your job in the cage.

We all know how terrifying fighters can be inside the cage; there’s a war going on in that cage and, aside from a few arbitrary regulations, anything goes. Outside of Thunderdome, however, it’s a different story. By now, we all know about Alistair Overeem’s failed drug test, and it seems like every other week another competent fighter is getting run out of town for some off-camera shenanigans. It’s not really their fault—after all, they’re idolized like rock stars and have a tendency to liken themselves to royalty. MMA fighters never learned to apply the common workplace etiquette to their own crazy lives, so this list was devised with the intent of keeping our fighters employed. It’s not hard, guys! Just tone down the rape jokes, stay away from drugs and adhere to a few other easy-to-follow rules, and you’ll be able to stay in the ring until you can retire with a full pension. Or get brain damage. Whichever happens first. Check out the story! >>


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