NASCAR's 10 Most Controversial Drivers

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NASCAR's 10 Most Controversial Drivers

Whipping around a track at an impressive speed is nothing for these guys. But their top-dog reputations pretty much end there—presenting the naughtiest drivers in NASCAR history.

The head of the most famous family in NASCAR history was one of the first to approach racing as a way to make a living. He lived on what he earned on the track, and that made him an aggressive driver, so much that it frustrated the men who ran NASCAR. In 1957, NASCAR, fed up with Lee’s rough driving, sent him a letter, a copy of which is on display at the NASCAR Hall of Fame: “We have received a great many complaints this season about rough driving on your part, and they are now piling in so fast and from so many different directions that it is going to be necessary for someone to put the ‘eye’ on you for the next several race meets.”


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