Top 10 Most Dramatic Moments in NASCAR History

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Top 10 Most Dramatic Moments in NASCAR History

From the legendary fist fight after the first Daytona 500, to Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s fatal crash in 2001, here are NASCAR's most gripping events ever.

In Jacksonville, Florida in 1963, Wendell Scott was initially denied his win, reportedly because NASCAR officials did not want a black man kissing the white beauty queen in victory lane. And throughout his career Scott was the target of racist drivers and promoters. A few hours after the race ended, NASCAR confirmed that not only did Scott take the checkered flag, but also he did it two laps ahead of the second-place finisher. Scott won more than 100 races in other racing series, but this was his lone win at NASCAR’s elite Sprint Cup level series. He remains the only African American to have won such a race.


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