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Old Athletes Who Could Still School You

Most sports are dominated by 20-something guys. But a few oldies-but-goodies could still school you in a sprint and make age look like just a number.

We all want to be young forever. You can get away with eating almost anything you want. Punishment for misbehavior is less severe. And your muscles and joints are still working just fine.

The world of professional sports is filled with this type of guy--a 20-something with six-pack abs. Still, there are a number of athletes who could school you in sports despite their old age. 

Our partners at Bleacher Report have shared a list of 20 'old' athletes who are still more athletic than you. Unless you've been following these athletes' lengthy careers, you might be surprised to know who's already over the hill.

For more older guys on their game, check out the 9 fittest old celebrities.


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