10 Fittest U.S. Soccer Players

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10 Fittest U.S. Soccer Players

Unlike stronger international teams, the U.S. National Men’s Soccer Team can’t rely solely on skill or stand-out individual players to score a spot at the World Cup 2014. Our real weapon? Fitness. Here’s the top 10 guys that can play with intensity down

Carlos Bocanegra, Defender

Club Team: Racing Santaner (Spain)

6’ 0’’ | 170 lbs

Carlos Bocanegra, 33, from California, can flip his explosive speed switch and shut down a right wing offensive attack (as a left back defender) on a consistent basis for the U.S. His consistency is his greatest strength, as reliability in defensive foundation is huge to team chemistry. While he played around with the center defense position earlier in his career, his position became more solid as left back for the U.S. National Team, especially in the 2010 World Cup where he started as left back against tough competitors England and Slovenia, and left center back against Algeria and Ghana. He’s now playing on loan for Racing Santaner in Spain.

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