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2 Reasons Why Graham Zusi Should Start Against Portugal

Check out the behind-the-scenes shots from our recent shoot with Zusi while we make our case for the Kansas City star.

Graham Zusi

3. Zusi Can Go Real CSI/Cute Puppy Love on Their Asses

Do you know that Graham Zusi has a major in criminology? So, we know now that he has the forensic skills to take the Portuguese defense apart. If he starts then he will have more time to study the opposition and make the adjustments on how to unlock the defense based on the clues and evidence he will pick up during the game.

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And if that doesn't work, then he can flash the adorable photo of him and his black lab pup below. How could any Portuguese defense not curl up in a ball of happiness and allow him through to score once they see this symbol of pure cuteness? This guy has got every angle covered. He's got the fitness, he's capable of delivering the final product, and he can forensically take his opposition apart and/or kill them with cuteness. Best of luck to Graham and our team this Sunday against Portugal!

Check out Zusi in his own words:



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