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Everything You Need to Know about UEFA Euro 2016

If this mega-futbol competition doesn't sell you on the beautiful game, nothing will.
Everything You Need to Know about UEFA Euro 2016

What: UEFA Euro 2016

When: June 10 - July 10

Where: France 

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Held every four years, this is basically a mini World Cup for the European continent. Only 24 countries have made the cut. 

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Striker Thomas Müller scored five goals at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil (including a hat trick). Will he pick up where they left off? 

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Cristiano Ronaldo keeps goalies up at night. It’s worth tuning into Portugal matches just to watch him play. 

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The road to a title goes through Germany, but the French are keen to avenge their 2014 World Cup quarter-final loss. 

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Expect the biggest matchups to be broadcast stateside on ESPN. The rest will all be on BEIN Sports. Both networks will be streaming live. 

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