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Leicester City Wins Premier League Title

The Foxes pull off one of the greatest Cinderella stories in sports history.

The impossible dream has been realized.

Leicester City has clinched the Barclays Premier League title after second-place Tottenham drew with Chelsea on Monday.

The Foxes entered the Premier League season with 5,000-1 odds to win. They will end it as champions.=

Tottenham gave up a 2-0 lead in the match—which included a late goal from Eden Hazard—officially giving Leicester the title. The championship is the first in team history for Leicester, who one-year ago were close to being relegated out of the Premier League.

Here’s how Leicester and the fans celebrated their first championship:

Christian Fuchs and his teammates watched as Tottenham and Chelsea finished with a draw, clinching the title for Leicester—celebrating like crazy once it became official:


Star player Jamie Vardy is literally having a party:



Midfielder Andy King celebrated the win with an Instagram post: 


Fans go wild outside King Power Stadium as Leicester takes the Premiership title:

The Premier League shows how clubs have dominated over the years—now Leicester gets to join the party:



Giving Leicester’s win some context—yes, even the Cleveland Browns have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl next year than Leicester did winning the Premier League for the 2015-16 season:


The bookmakers in England may not be too thrilled with the result:


Here’s how the odds for Leicester changed throughout the season:


The glass slipper fits well for this Cinderella story.

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