10 Key Pieces You Need for Summer

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10 Key Pieces You Need for Summer

Because those jorts just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Summer officially starts in a matter of weeks. And while the weather might have been a bit fickle this spring, we’re willing to bet the thermometer is about to rise to an unbearable temp in the very near future. Are you ready? Maybe. But is your closet? Debatable.

While you might think that pair of jorts (that's jean + shorts, if you've been living under a rock) from 2006 look just as good now as they did then, we’re here to tell you the truth: You need to get rid them. The same goes for cargos and short-sleeved plaid shirts. (Basically, a good rule of thumb is that if it looks like something that belongs to a high school junior, it’s time for it to go.) After you've done some spring cleaning, replace everything you tossed with any or all of following pieces, perfect for the summer season. D'aww, look at you, growing up and being all fashionable and stuff.

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