14 Ways to Look and Feel Younger

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14 Ways to Look and Feel Younger

Try these tricks to make you look as young as you feel.

Working out outside not only saves you money, it can free your mind and body of boredom. “The modern gym has only been around for a few decades, but mankind has been getting fit since the dawn of time,” says Danny Kavadlo, personal trainer in New York City. “Outdoor workouts tend to focus on the entire body, unlike functional movements typically done in gyms.” Start off with basic exercises like pull-ups and high-jumps which employ all muscle groups. Move on to the jungle gym and shimmy across the bars to build a strong upper body. Need a nudge to brave the cold? A Stanford School of Medicine study suggests that cool palms help exercisers feel less fatigued, allowing them to workout longer and stick with their regimen.


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