14 Ways to Look and Feel Younger

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14 Ways to Look and Feel Younger

Try these tricks to make you look as young as you feel.

A tight and toned tush is the mark of a young man. Exercising your backside will not only get you appreciative looks from the ladies, it can improve posture and help you avoid injury. For best results, focus on power training. “When you train explosively, you’ll activate fast-twitch fibers that will help build muscle, increase your metabolism and allow you to jump, sprint and excel in just about every sport, including the bedroom,” says Jason Greenspan, owner of Practical Fitness & Wellness and author of Real Life Fitness (out this spring).


Kick some ass with this exercise:

1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and toes pointed straight ahead. 2. Squat slightly as if sitting in a chair 3. Jump up, extending arms overhead. 4. Land softly and repeat limiting the amount of time your feet are in contact with the ground. Repeat for 8-10 repetitions. (Make sure to land with the ankles, knees and hips flexed and do not let the knees buckle in or out.)


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