20 Best Men's Sports Jackets

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20 Best Men's Sports Jackets

This spring, go beyond the basics.

If there’s one piece that’s essential to a man’s wardrobe, it’s a suit. But the stylish man has gone beyond the basic navy and charcoal grey, and has added stand-alone blazers and sportcoats to his outerwear arsenal. Why? They’re an essential for the office, a slam dunk for impressing dates and perfect for feeling sharp, you know, just because. Even more so than fall, Spring is a season for sports coats. A small variety will net a huge array of options for looking stylishly grown up at any occasion. We found 20 of the sharpest, coolest and most wearable blazers for the season, and broke down a few of the biggest trends to look out for.

Patch Pockets: Everyone from Gucci to J. Crew, Boglioli to Jack Spade and Marc Jacobs is offering up a jacket with patch pockets. They most often accompany an unstructured design and add a bit of casual flare, whether you go single or double-breasted.

Green: No, green isn’t the new black, but we’ve sure seen a lot of it this season. Army green cotton blazers from Gucci and Jack Spake make a perfect layering piece for stepping up your Sunday brunch apparel or office attire. No need to button up, wear it open over your chambray and oxford cloth shirts.

The Blues: Beyond navy, there are plenty of new blues to work with this spring. From royal blue to seersucker, robin’s egg and muted slate-blue, they all look great with your jeans, but will also go nicely with chinos in natural khaki, army green, navy and grey.

If you’re wary to step outside the box, here’s a secret you might not know: you can make almost anything look normal. Bold prints, unexpected colors – it’s all about how you dress around the statement piece. Marni’s forest green, single-button sport coat is green, yes, but wear it with a white shirt, dark jeans and your favorite kicks? It might as well be navy. (Same goes for Etro’s sky blue blazer, by the way.) You don’t need an eccentric sense of style to pull off something a little different, just the right background.

Taylor Davies is a writer for lifestylemirror.com. 

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