2013 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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2013 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It's time to honor the woman who gave you life (as well as those women who make your life worth living). These gifts can never quite repay the favor, but they're a pretty damn good start.
She might not be the most tech-savvy (exhibit A: that painfully awful auto-correct fail she once texted you) but she’s definitely proud that she tries. And if she never goes anywhere without her trusty iPad, Tumi’s Ballistic Snap Case will be her new best friend. Designed by American fashion guru Anna Sui for the new iPad, this eye-catching floral case comes complete with stylish details like an interior striped lining, miniature, flower-lined zippers, and branded hardware. But it’s not just chic, it’s practical too and mom will love that it folds into an easel so she can prop it up anywhere, anytime. ($49; tumi.com)


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