2013 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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2013 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It's time to honor the woman who gave you life (as well as those women who make your life worth living). These gifts can never quite repay the favor, but they're a pretty damn good start.

If mom’s got a bit of a black thumb (or even if she doesn't!), she’ll definitely appreciate a plant that practically grows itself. After popping in a seed cartridge, the battery-powered Click and Grow “smart garden” doses out the right amounts of water, fertilizer, and air necessary to grow flowers, herbs or tiny vegetables indoors. Pick from plants like basil, coriander, chili peppers or mini tomatoes and she’ll have fresh ingredients to add to homemade meals—including the ones you drop by to share with her—all summer long. ($79 for a starter kit; clickandgrow.com)


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