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4 Strange Body Modification Surgeries

From smoother testicles to a deeper voice, here are four wacky cosmetic procedures men are dropping big bucks on.

Ron Swanson

Mustache and Beard Implants

“Hair transplantation has always been a common procedure for men. Some people do it to enhance their facial appearance,” says Marefat. You’ve probably heard of men getting hair plugs, or filling in a receding hairline—mustache and beard implants are actually performed the same way. Dr. Marefat explains, “You cut hair from where there’s permanent hair—like the back of the head—and divide it up into small individual hair follicles and make small incisions and insert them inside the skin. It becomes a graph and the body starts getting blood supply to it and it grows.” If you wanted a badass mustache like Ron Swanson or Ron Burgundy, all hope is not lost.

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