5 Fixes for the Style Mistakes You’re Making

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5 Fixes for the Style Mistakes You’re Making

You’ve moved beyond wearing the fraternity tee and cargo shorts combo on a daily basis—congrats. Your next style-minded step: Pay attention to details, like sock color and sleeve length.

Next time you buy a suit, even if it feels like it fits, get a second opinion. “Fit is key to making a great suit look great when it’s on,” says Patrick J. Valeo of Sandro, a chain of Parisian-inspired boutiques. “So take the extra time to have the suit tailored.” Not sure if the suits you already have hanging in your closet fit correctly? Run through these five quick checkpoints:

1. Ensure the shoulder pads end at your shoulders and do not fall past them.

2. Your lapel should lie flat on your chest. If it doesn’t, the suit is probably too small.

3. The jacket length should be even with your knuckles when your arms are down.

4. The jacket sleeves should end just at the top of your wrist.

5. There should be a one-inch break between your shoes and the base of your trousers.

Correct your style mistake with: Sandro Mad V Charcoal Grey Blazer + Sandro Mad P Charcoal Grey Pants ($685 and $340, us.sandro-paris.com)


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