5 Fixes for the Style Mistakes You’re Making

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5 Fixes for the Style Mistakes You’re Making

You’ve moved beyond wearing the fraternity tee and cargo shorts combo on a daily basis—congrats. Your next style-minded step: Pay attention to details, like sock color and sleeve length.

Unless you’re dressing up as a frat boy for Halloween, it’s time to ditch the graphic tees. Instead of sporting a screen print of your favorite superhero or sports team, try something more subtle. A solid t-shirt in a neutral color is sophisticated, but still has a cool, laid-back feel. Plus, it acts as the perfect layering piece. Wear one underneath a blazer for casual Friday, or with jeans and sneakers on the weekend.

Correct your style mistake with: J.Crew Slim Broken-in Pocket Tee ($24.50, jcrew.com)

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