5 Fixes for the Style Mistakes You’re Making

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5 Fixes for the Style Mistakes You’re Making

You’ve moved beyond wearing the fraternity tee and cargo shorts combo on a daily basis—congrats. Your next style-minded step: Pay attention to details, like sock color and sleeve length.

Your go-to jersey should be reserved for the stadium or the bar on game day—and nowhere else.

According to celebrity stylist and E! Fashion Police star George Kotsiopolous, there is no reason to wear a sports jersey in public, no matter how loose and comfortable it is. Instead, go for a super-soft polo that feels like your favorite T-shirt. “Lately I’ve been into retro-style knit polos from H&M and Benetton that are slim-fitting, but still allow for comfort in your midsection,” Kotsiopolous says.

Correct your style mistake with: Benetton polos ($59.50 each; benetton.com for stores)


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