5 Fixes for the Style Mistakes You’re Making

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5 Fixes for the Style Mistakes You’re Making

You’ve moved beyond wearing the fraternity tee and cargo shorts combo on a daily basis—congrats. Your next style-minded step: Pay attention to details, like sock color and sleeve length.

Sure, you may have taken our advice and embraced the colorful sock trend, but don’t go wild. Be careful that they don’t clash with the rest of your outfit.

When in doubt, match your socks to your shirt. “I recommend pairing the dominant color of the sock with the dominant color of your shirt,” says Jeff House, co-founder of new sock retailer Cole and Parker. “Whether your socks are striped, polka-dotted, or Argyle, make sure they fit with your shirt.” (i.e., if you’re wearing a teal shirt, wear a teal-patterned sock).

Correct your style mistake with: “Cold Call” socks ($20; shop.coleandparker.co)

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