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5 Ways to Get the Most From Your GoPro

Feel like a nube with your GoPro camera? Here are five tricks to shooting the best footage—next time, you won't miss capturing that sweet wipeout.

Any guy who has a GoPro secretly wants to be a hero with it. Come on, admit it, who wouldn’t want to capture that sweet trick (or rough wipeout) to reminisce? But even if you can’t pull off 360s and flips on your skis or mountain bike, you can create an epic video of your next adventure ripping down the mountain or catching waves in a good swell. All it takes is a little camera savvy and some practice. Pro mountain biker Aaron Chase has logged endless hours with his GoPro and crafted a slew of videos to showcase his stunts. Over the years, he’s honed his shooting skills to get the best footage, and learned from his mistakes—on the bike and in the editing room. So we asked him for the GoPro need-to-know. Here are the five tips Chase lives by.


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