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5 Ways to Get the Most From Your GoPro

Feel like a nube with your GoPro camera? Here are five tricks to shooting the best footage—next time, you won't miss capturing that sweet wipeout.

Know your mount
Whether your GoPro is going on your SUP, snowboard, helmet, or your dog, it pays to be familiar with your mount’s movement. A choppy film can be fun (for a few seconds) but only if you’ve planned it that way. Before you film your shots, test the angles and the outcome. Chase, who films most of his action on the mountain bike, notes that mounting his GoPro on the handlebars is significantly bumpier than a helmet- or chest-mount, since the body’s motion absorbs jolts more readily than the bars. “"It all takes time. You want to watch the footage after you rig it so that round two will come out even nicer. You'll know how it will react."

Plan your story
There’s nothing wrong with driving blind and capturing the moment. But if your goal is a quality action short, lack of direction will doom you to mediocrity. “The trick, if you want to edit something cool, is to have it in your head before you get to your computer,” says Chase. “When you're shooting, shoot for that edit." Chase recommends finding edit points—specific shots that connect the dots and drive your narrative, like zooming out from a tree to catch passing action, or throwing a ball at the camera, then panning over to another key action. These will keep your raw footage rooted and flowing smoothly between shots. And it will make editing more fun.


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