8 Gadgets to Trick Out Your iPhone 5

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8 Gadgets to Trick Out Your iPhone 5

You have all the apps, but you can get even more out of your smartphone with these awesome accessories.
Chatting on FaceTime or watching a video is hella better when you don’t have to awkwardly hold the iPhone. That’s where the Spiderpodium comes in. As its name implies this arachnid-like accessory features eight bendable legs which allow you to prop or hang your phone in almost any position imaginable. Even better: its sturdy rubber-over-premium-grade steel construction won’t damage your iPhone (or any of the other devices it works with including compact cameras, gaming systems, and e-readers) and the Spiderpodium is compact and light-weight enough to take anywhere. ($15.99 and up; breffo.com)

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