8 Gadgets to Trick Out Your iPhone 5

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8 Gadgets to Trick Out Your iPhone 5

You have all the apps, but you can get even more out of your smartphone with these awesome accessories.
What if you want to record yourself, but you can’t physically hold the camera far enough away to capture the entire shot? Move around and stay in the frame with the Swivl. When you place the iPhone in the Swivl stand, it stays locked on the sensor remote you wear around your neck or clip to your clothes. Whether you sit down, stand up, or walk around, the Swivl follows you. Use the Swivl’s iPhone app to set the Swivl’s turning speed, use the sensor remote as a microphone and control the camera’s functions. (Lightning-to-30 pin adapter is required for the iPhone 5.) ($179.00; photojojo.com)

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