The Anatomy of a Dress Shirt

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The Anatomy of a Dress Shirt

A custom-fit shirt is the key to looking sharp while still feeling like yourself.

For your first fitting, bring your favorite shirts and be prepared to talk to the stylist about what you like about them, whether it’s the fabric, details, cuffs, collar, fold-over placket, and so on. The stylist will ask you about what you want the shirt to do, your preferences, and will guide you to the best fabrics and design elements that will work for you.

The most surprising element? Custom shirts are more affordable than you’d think! Most of J. Hilburn’s custom-made shirts cost between $99 and $169. (To compare, an off-the-rack Italian shirt will probably set you back at least $165 and upward of $400 for certain famous Italian designers, Patrick says.) Your stylist will bring your first shirt to you and have you try it on to make sure you’re happy with the shirt and experience. Want more custom shirts? Simply call up your stylist and order them, changing details for different looks. While we think the cost is pretty great, never having to shop at the mall again is pretty priceless.

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