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Ask Men's Fitness: What's a Good Off the Rack Suit?

If you aren't ready for bespoke, this option is your best bet.
Ask Men's Fitness: What's a Good Off the Rack Suit?

What’s a good and affordable (and wearable!) off-the-rack suit? —Steven M, Seattle, WA

Look no further than off-the-rack label Tallia, says Nelson Mui, men’s fashion director at New York’s Lord & Taylor. The three-piece suit pictured at left comes in at $575. “This suit projects confidence and an updated style,” he says. “The three-piece suggests someone who appreciates formality and tradition, but the slim silhouette communicates someone who is modern.” It’s also extremely versatile. “You can pair the trousers with a sport coat or a sweater,” Mui says. “You can also break up the jacket and waistcoat and pair it with a nice pair of jeans.”

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