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Away Uniforms Announced by Adidas for 2014 FIFA World Cup

Check out the new looks for Spain, Germany, Argentina, Russia and Mexico.

Soccer fans are stoked! With the World Cup fast-approaching on June 12th, yesterday Adidas released their brand-new away uniforms for Spain, Germany, Argentina, Russia, and Mexico. The jerseys are 40% lighter than before, and crafted with Adidas'  adizero technology for an improved fit for speed and comfort. As for design and inspiration, each country's piece is a reflection of its culture and history.

SPAIN will be sporting never-seen-before colors, going with black and neon. GERMANY will include fine lines into horizontal red stripes. ARGENTINA will have tones of blue with the gold from the crest. RUSSIA will appear to be a light blue semicircle. MEXICO is going with red and black. 

To check all the new uniforms, head over to


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