Best Cases for Your iPhone 4/4S

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Best Cases for Your iPhone 4/4S

To celebrate the iPhone’s fifth birthday, we take a look at some of the most reliable cases to keep your smartphone safe.

Most Stylish: IvySkin iPhone 4/4S Wrangler Case ($49.99)

IvySkin’s newest case defends your phone against the elements with a triple-coated outer shell. A felt-like, shock-absorbent material cushions the inside of your phone, while the Glass Touch-Thru Screen Grill, exclusive to Wrangler, protects the most accident-prone part of the iPhone. Wranger’s anti-glare camera cutout permits full use of the camera without any case interference, and interchangeable hard resin-coated buttons allow for enhanced interface with the home and power keys. Available in black, white, and red.

Our tester said, "it was annoying at first when putting the case on because the interchangeable buttons kept falling out, but once I got that squared away, those same buttons made it much easier to change volume and lock the phone, whereas other cases make the buttons hard to get to at times."

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