Best Cases for Your iPhone 4/4S

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Best Cases for Your iPhone 4/4S

To celebrate the iPhone’s fifth birthday, we take a look at some of the most reliable cases to keep your smartphone safe.

Most Functional: Rokform Rokbed v3 ($39)

This tough polycarbonate case comes in 12 different colors and protects your phone from six different directions thanks to reinforcement in critical areas. The case features an integrated lock device, anti slip grip and detachable lanyard. You can mount your phone on almost any surface with the case’s Remote Mounting System, or pop in the magnetic insert that comes with the case to fix your phone on any metallic surface.

Additional accessories include the Rockmeister, a pocket clip/bottle opener that locks into the case, as well as a bike mount, tripod adapter and sport clip. As Rockform likes to remind us, the case was designed, engineered and made in America.

Our tester said, "The case has some weight to it, in a good way, because it's not too bulky and has plenty of backbone in case of a drop."

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